Companies that GSS financially backs span the globe – from Manado, Indonesia to Jos, Nigeria. They include a variety of segments in many industries. In all cases, GSS works closely with the management teams of these firms to provide guidance and support. Highly qualified nationals are hired for key positions and trained to perform successfully in the designated markets.

Below are some of our current projects:

Himalaya Technology Solutions

Himalaya Technology Solutions
Kathmandu, Nepal
Himalaya Technology Solutions offers translation services and print on demand services.
Managing Director Harki Bahadur Khadka

GSS Global Partners

Bridge Connectivity Solutions, Pvt., Ltd.

Bridge Connectivity Solutions, Pvt., Ltd.

D-463, 1st Floor
Palam Extension, Ramphal Chowk
Dwarka, Sector 7
New Delhi, India 110045

Bridge Connectivity Solutions, Pvt. Ltd. (BCS) was founded to provide sound financial opportunities that will, in turn, help worthy companies thrive in emerging markets within Indian and Asia Pacific Region. It is an entity solely owned by GSS (Global South Services, Inc. a USA corporation) which has its presence in several world markets. Their highly experienced team of professionals invests solely in businesses that are making a positive impact in the communities in which they operate. GSS’s current portfolio includes companies operating in information technology, business services, and hospitality that can deliver favorable returns for their investors.

The mission of Bridge Connectivity Solutions (BCS) is to be the bridge that connects communities by providing quality technology solutions and services. BCS is a channel partner of several leading edge systems manufacturers ensuring efficient and quality products for our customers. Through consulting, installation and management of business systems, servers, Wi-Fi infrastructure and various advanced technologies we ensure professional services for our customers without any interruption in their ongoing businesses.

NetAccess Communications Nigeria, Ltd.

NetAccess Communications Nigeria, Ltd.
Jos, Nigeria
Started in early 2013 to meet the internet needs of the greater Jos community, NetAccess utilizes fiber optic technology in conjunction with the best processes and people to provide a faster, more reliable internet service than any other connection available. With NetAccess, customers experience the cloud communication environment that helps them compete in today’s fast-moving business dynamic. NetAccess’s service is continuously available 24/7, because the internet connectivity is built on the GLO fibre optic network with a wireless connection between NetAccess and the client’s business.

In addition, NetAccess offers IT consulting services and is a partner with Dell computers.